Sunday, March 1, 2009

Langkawi Trip 2008

Rania & Farhan took early morning rides to Kuala Perlis from grandma's hometown in Penang. Our short break near Sg Muda rest area while waiting for convoy from KL to arrive. Jebat and Oiskan families arrived shortly together with Rabbit & Ahtap.

Then, our convoy proceed north and have our breakfast at Gurun R&R before heading to Kuala Perlis where Muazir and spouse eagerly waiting for us at jetty.
Our rides parked at Gurun R&R for breakfast.

My Nabira 2009

MyNabira 4 years after its inception, the ride has been improved and the excitement remains..

Side Repeater- Hella

A designer side repeater from Hella for Zafira A. I'm replacing my current OPC side repeater with this Hella side repeater after 8 months. This unit was ordered and it took about 10 days delivery from Germany including custom clearance.

Hella side repeater shown after installation to mynabira.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brembo Max Front Disk Brake

This Brembo Max is the aftermarket version of direct replacement for Nabira factory fitted front disk. The disk comes with grooves on surface meant to improve grip.

The disk being paired with Ferodo disk pad.
However, i've installed the disk brake with Bendix Titanium "Metal King" instead of Ferodo.
This Bendix brake pads come with Titanium strip on the pad surface.

Replacement work was carried out at Ecotec, Sunway.
The stock front brake disk equipped with TRM lucas brake pad (2nd replacement done at 50k, the pad still has 50% thickness).
The Brembo max disk brake installed with Bilstein B4 strut and waiting for Bendix Titanium brake pads for the final touch.

Spare Parts 2 (Engine) - Nabira 1.8

Alternator Belt Tensioner.
GM Part No: 90571758

Spark Plug- Double Head
GM Part No: 9195109
The factory fitted spark plug uses single head electrode.

Timing Belt.
GM Part No: 24451895

Roller Follower (Small)
GM Part No: 55352713

Roller Follower (Big)
GM Part No: 55350580

Roller Tensioner
GM Part No: 24426500

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spare Parts (Air Condition) - Nabira 1.8

Cabin Filter ( Pollen Filter)
GM Part no: 93182436
Replacement is adviseable for every 30k interval.
OEM Cabin Filter from Bosch which is common for Astra/Zafira/Nabira
Bosch Part No: A 603

Spare Parts (Suspension) - Nabira 1.8

Stabilizer Link (Pendulum)
GM part no: 90498745
My Nabira factory fitted stabilizer link was replaced after 60k.

Spare Parts (Engine) - Nabira 1.8

GM Alternator Belt - Replace the factory fitted belt on my Nabira at 60,+++ km.

GM Part No: 9192588

Spare Parts (Engine) - Nabira 1.8

Water Pump- recommended to be replaced at every 60k km, however, mine still running good at 100k..will be replaced during next major service at 110k km.

GM Part No: 90543935

Water Pump - KWP (OEM)
Part No: 10727

See the different between GM & KWP Water Pump. GM original water pump on the left.

Oil Filter
GM Part No: 93156300